Social Events
It is not your usual event planner
It is organizing your social events in the manner of the most sophisticated European Aristocratic traditions

With Maria’s extensive and unique experience as hostess of the most exclusive world class social events, your social gatherings will take your guests where the lost art of hospitality reigns supreme in refined elegance.

In Europe Maria conducted an ultra-sophisticated and elegant lifestyle. Her specialty was hosting social events for international VIPs, dignitaries, celebrities, writers, directors, artists, politicians, diplomats, generals and the crème de la crème of aristocracy who would RSVP for her ultra formal engagements. She meticulously planned and oversaw every detail of the event. As she has studied as both a Cordon Bleu chef and as a Sommelier, she worked closely with her chef on the menu, always demanding the purest and finest ingredients and artful and tasteful preparation of the dishes. The wines were personally chosen by her and served by a professional Sommelier. The table plan was structured according to the rules of protocol. She supervised the butler, the table setting and the waiters’ manner of serving.

We provide:

• Menu creation with appropriate wine selection knowledgeably tailored for you and your guests
• Creation of a suitable atmosphere, including floral arrangements
• Decorations and items for a theme party
• Supervision of table setting and serving manners
• Selection of highly qualified chefs and serving personnel
• Protocol and etiquette advice